1. Mission.

We work to improve people’s QUALITY OF LIFE, conducing progress and harmonious society development.

* Mission is a primary goal of the organization, highest in the goals hierarchy. It’s the philosophy and the meaning of the organization existence.


Quality of life includes:

– Health (physical, ethical, psychiс) of a person or a group of people.

– Material wealth.

– Ecology in the human habitat.

– Accessibility and quality of the vital natural resources.

– Hazard safety and crime safety.

– A possibility for any person to satisfy their needs of material and spiritual growth, physical and intellectual development, self-actualization and definition of their personality.

– Availability and accessibility of physical comfort factors (such as a house, sufficient rest, good job and so on, every person may have their own list, but the concept is the comfort).

– Volume, quality, variety and accessibility of the information available.

– Quality and availability of school and professional education.

– Quality of communication and interaction,

– Satisfaction of one’s life.


2. Vision.

We are a stable professional team sharing common values, able to work effectively on a variety of markets, facilitating achievement of the Mission and development of our businesses with a speed that satisfies us and outruns the competition.

* Vision is a picture of the future, the state to be achieved in the favourable conditions.


3. Values.

1. We practice only the actions, efforts and thougts, that help us to achieve the Mission. Moral principles prevail over material, that includes the choice of the area and the subject of commerce. We produce and sell only the goods and services that aid achievement of the Mission.

2. Each of us has a persistent aspiration to achieve the Vision.

3. Human is the highest value for us. All people are different, and we respect the goodness of every person. Positive attitude to people. Individual approach to every person.

4. Aspiration for progress is an important value for us. Each of us improves ourselves and is committed to be adequate, stable, positive, harmonious, respectable, socially responsible, righteous, sincere, charitable, optimistic and Professional.

5. Charity is an inalienable part for every of us. It is important for us to make the world a better place. We a sure we can achieve the goal if every of us persistently makes an effort to achieve it. We help each other. It is important for us to help, not just our colleagues, relatives, children, but also people who need our support. Each of us assists other people’s progress.

6. Determination, consistency at goal pursuit is an important value for us. Each of us always gets the job done (if it needs to be done), and does it with maximum effectiveness. We don’t stop at the bumps in the road, we overcome them and achieve a result. Effectiveness is measured as a ratio of the result to the effort put to achieve it.

* Values are the moral standards and beliefs shared by the team members. Values define interaction between the employees, organization and the outside world.


4. Corporate Rules.

This document regulates the principles, norms and rules of business and corporate ethics and cooperation for all categories of staff.