Россия. Иваново. Продажа биологически активных добавок (БАД) в одной из аптек города. Фото ИТАР-ТАСС/ Владимир Смирнов

Doctors were prescribed the management

The owners of the private health businesses require a cancelation of additional licensing. Representatives of private medical organizations opposed the new licensing of the industry, which implies the heads of the medical institutions to have an additional education. According to businessmen’s point studying of management in public universities will not give the necessary knowledge, however, can lead to increasing of corruption in the field. Regional authorities are convinced that getting a degree is necessary for doctors get missing knowledge. Experts ask the government to replace the studying for independent testing

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Alexander Monastyrev: Good ideas must work

All the efforts must be made to realize the vital projects for Vladivostok city, thinks the participant of civil referendum. The participant of “Open choice” Civil Referendum Alexander Monastyrev thinks that all the efforts must be made and all conditions must be provided to realize the vital projects for Vladivostok city. There should be no way to get good ideas unnoticed.

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Indoor show

Young athletes are taking the national exam. After the Far Eastern Junior Track and Field Athletics Show, which was reported by the “Vladivostok” on 24 Jan 2011, the leading sportsmen, born in 1994-1995, went to the National Indoor Competition.

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