Vlasova Natalia

Twice champion of Europe in team of track-and-field cross.
Champion of Russia among students.

Alexander Monastyrev is the only person who arranged our trips to competitions from top to bottom. That’s why we had no problems with accommodations and meals, and this takes place not often. I thank Alexander for such serious attitude to sports and, in particular, to young sportsmen. I know he is a man of his word. He brings all things to close. In addition, he is a very exacting person, more about himself than about others.

Prikhodko Valery

PhD in Medical Science.
Head Physician of War Veterans Hospital, honored physician of the Russian Federation, honored donor of the Russian Federation.

Long years of efficient cooperation connect us with Alexander. For the years we formed strong, trustful and reliable relations. I greatly appreciate our partner relations, because I am sure of them ! I am sure, everything will be done competently and in time. Thanks to Alexander’s excellent organizing and leading skills he coped with making a company where the professionals are employed, and to deal with whom is great pleasure!

Selyutin Yury

PhD in Medical Science.
Head Physician of Primorskiy Children’s Clinical Tuberculosis Hospital

I have known Alexander since the time when he was employed as a medical brother in children’s hospital. A chance acquainted us when I being a neurosurgeon consulted a patient, and that student demonstrated a strong interest in the diagnosis and life of the child patient. Frankly speaking, I am so sorry that he left the practical pediatric public health, but everybody makes a certain choice in his life. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical industry got an excellent specialist and manager who is able to provide the development of any branch and a real breakthrough.

Glushko Vyacheslav Viktorovich

PhD in Medical Science. Head Physician of the City Clinical Hospital No. 2. Physician of highest category.

I often confer with Alexander, I like his good listening skill. Perhaps, this is a distinctive feature of all medical specialists, but outside the office many of us lose this professional feature. Alexander is basically different. In spite of his cheerful temper, when serious matters are under consideration, he becomes unbending like a rock. Strong convictions and principles he is guided by always and everywhere help him to be strong. This person likes to learn very much and helps other people to acquire knowledge.

Pak Oleg Pavlovich

PhD in Medical Science. Director of Medical center at FEFU. Chief of pediatric neurosurgeon in Primorsky Krai.

We studied with Alexander in parallel groups at the University. I always remember with warmth studentship. That time, Alexander had no solidity at all. He always looked like a modern physician, whom we can see in movies now. He was active, slim, always on the go. He did everything quickly: walking, talking, eating. His achievements are not a kind of success, not lucky combination of circumstances, but regularity. His optimism and even some perfectionism always showed him a true way.