I suggest to enter the standard of a construction of roads in which the object isn’t put into operation without existence of the sidewalk at all length of the road. Also I suggest to carry out audit of all constructed roads on existence of sidewalks. It is necessary to build sidewalks everywhere where they aren’t … Read more

System of children certificates

Each born child initially has to have EQUAL RIGHTS and opportunities for further development. These rights and opportunities shouldn’t depend on financial opportunities of parents of the child. The state if it is interested in increase in number of the citizens and in their harmonious development, has to allocate from the budget EQUAL FINANCE for … Read more

Army must be professional!!!

Imagine a situation: in the country shortage of doctors – surgeons, cardiologists was formed. And the government issues the decree, to CALL ALL young people at the age of 18 years on service and to train them within a year for surgeons. On the expiration of year they are allowed to go home without examinations. … Read more