Within a forum of “The live cities” which took place in St. Petersburg from May 25 to May 29 the award of Nobel has taken place

19 ideas have been provided at a regional stage of tender. Four best have won memorable figurines and cash prizes.

“Level of projects of the Award this year was much higher. Participants of the Forum could learn about successful technologies of attraction in projects of resources, creations of commercial startups and grandiose cultural events” — has noted Alexander Monastyrev, the expert of ASI and community “Live Cities”, the entrepreneur and the public figure and the partner of the Award of Nobel.
The prize of spectator sympathies was won by the Dobropochta projects from St. Petersburg and the Social game “City of Changes” from the city of Sharya of the Kostroma region.

I have won against the Samara Festival of recovery of the historical environment “Tom Sawyer Festival” the nomination “For the Best Project on Attraction of Resources on Development”. The festival of street cinema which has taken place in 68 countries of the world is recognized as the best for increase of effective management of the city. And the Cultural City project from Magadan has taken the first place in the nominations “For the Best Project on Revival of the City”.

Organizers of the Forum have out of the competition awarded with Nobel’s Prize “For creation of the city intelligently and soul” the Emir Kusturica.

“We have told the Emir Kusturica about the Forum of the Live cities, and he has decided to arrive to St. Petersburg to support this movement. According to participants, Kusturica became the frash breathe of the Forum and St. Petersburg” — Maxim Komarov, the partner of the Forum, the founder remembers the ICEBREAKER SHIP and the National center of social and humanitarian projects.

“That the city lived, it is important to determine three elements: energy basis, concept and key city activities. The cities shall be filled with a product of creation and culture. High level of cultural activities will salvage the cities. At the same time it is important to reach harmony with the nature” — Kusturica, the film director, the musician, the creator of the micro city of Kustendorf has told.
We will remind that in St. Petersburg there has passed only the pery stage of the Forum. Following this it is planned in Moscow since July 21-22.

In more detail: http://ok-inform.ru/stroitelstvo/urban/63485-opredeleny-pobediteli-premii-nobelya.html

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