The III All-Russian forum of the Live cities about designing of the future of the cities and supports of projects of city development has taken place to St. Petersburg in the territory of “Lenexpo” from May 25 to May 29. More than 400 participants from 45 cities of Russia from Komsomolsk-on-Amur to Yalta have taken part in Strategic Forsythe, University of the live cities and practical sessions, and also have heard the presentations of the successful replicated projects, the best of which have reached the final National Nobel’s award. The organizer of the Forum the All-Russian interdisciplinary community of experts “Live cities” with assistance of more than 100 partners from all country has acted. So, the Center of the Euroasian cooperation and development became the business partner of action, the staff of the Center has taken active part in practical sessions and other events of the Forum.

Also the contribution to work of the Forum was made by the top and second persons from Vologda, Dimitrovgrad, Simferopol, Moscow, Votkinsk, Izhevsk and other cities, and also the special representative of the Governor of St. Petersburg concerning economic development Anatoly Kotov, the vice-chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Standing Orders and Parliamentary Performance Vyacheslav Timchenko and the Yugoslavian film director and the musician Emir Kusturica.

During Strategic Forsythe of the cities participants of the Forum and more than 50 experts from interdisciplinary spheres managed to create new hypotheses and concepts of all-round development of the cities. For this purpose they were divided into 7 directions: management of development, ecology, culture and education, city activities, comanaging, architecture, strategy of development of Russia.

Alexander Monastyrev is the expert of ASI and community “Live Cities”, the entrepreneur and the public figure, the partner of the Award of Nobel:

“Level of projects of the Award this year was much higher. Participants of the Forum could learn about successful technologies of attraction in projects of resources, creations of commercial startups and grandiose cultural events”.

Besides, the organizing committee of the Forum has out of the competition awarded Nobel’s Award “For creation of the city intelligently and soul” to the Emir Kusturica. At a meeting with participants the film director has told about Basic Elements of a harmonious and sustainable development of the city and the next year has invited the Forum to himself to Serbia.

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