Alexander Monastyrev, the expert and co-author of the National “Buzzing Cities Charter”, is talking about what buzzing cities cannot do without.

Having a LEADER, a person who out of active citizens managed to make an EFFECTIVE city administrative TEAM, which includes authority, business, volunteers and science workers for developing the city. This man is either the mayor of the city or the group of people has ascendancy over him;

Having a formulated MISSION, STRATEGY and PLAN of its development made by the team. Moreover the MAJORITY of CITIZENS must know the contents of those documents, approve them, and READY to invest in the plan implementation at least 1% of their own income or to be a volunteer;

The administrative team has built an effective communication among all citizens. The team precisely knows citizens and other communities’ demands; there are PUBLIC VALUES and RULES written, which are supported by the majority of the citizens and all administrative decisions are made OPENLY and ACCORDING to the approved values and rules. Authorities understand that SERVES business and society. Business understands its social responsibility. Volunteers understand that they must be effective at teamwork at development. Citizens understand that only they can change THEIR city that’s why they hire (choose) authorities, help business, which is socially responsible, and join in public organizations.

Get familiar with the National “Buzzing Cities Charter” authors’ issues is possible on the official website.

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