According to the authorities of the “Russia. At the sunrise” project, on the day of Vladivostok Free Port opening the team from Sverdlovsk film studio begins the movie project post-production, which is going to consist of several 26-minute films. The goal of the project is to speed up Far East development, tell about its strengths, about people, about beauty of that marvelous huge territory in the east of Russia in Asia.

During the shooting, which was organized together with a little team from Vladivostok, in the end of August and the beginning of September 2015 film crew visited the famous V-ROX music festival, arranged by Ilia Lagutenko, the lead singer of Mumiy Troll music band, big sailing races in the Sea of Japan areas – Peter the Great Bay Cup, First Eastern Economic Forum, FEFU on Russky Island, EVRAZ Group big port in Nakhodka city. Among gotten into the shot were honored guests and usual tourists from Asian countries, dozens of Russian and foreign media forum guests. Steven Seagal, Anatoly Chubays, Pamela Anderson, the minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Sergey Donskoy, the president of Rosneft company Igor Sechin, Russian government vice-premiers Yuri Trutnev and Olga Golodets, the president of Skolkovo Fund Viktor Vekselberg, many other well-known persons, and, of course, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin.

In various series of the project the Pacific Coast of the Far East will be shown both severely brutal and, at the same time, sunny bright, which is fascinating for anyone who hasn’t been there yet.

For all shooting time were filmed 36 lively and sincere interviews. The heroes of the project were Ilia Lagutenko, 50-year experienced yachtsman, the vice-president of Russian Sailing Sport Association, “Seven feet” yacht club commodore Mikhail Ermakov, the founders of the household named company DNS Konstantin Bogdanenko and Dmitri Alekseev, well-known in the Far East entrepreneur and philanthropist Alexander Monastyrev, the director of the famous in Vladivostok Pan-Asian restaurant ZUMA Ilia Suhih, the general director of “FederalPress” Russian Information Agency Ivan Eremin, the film producer an d actor Alexander Doluda, the mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev, the owners small, nevertheless, successful projects, FEFU students and staff and many others.

The project participants were astonished by the high leveled professionalism of  Far Easters in different areas, their kind-heartedness and unusual thinking style, which they came across in every new place. Sharing the impressions of shooting, the creative producer and co-director of the project Tatyana Tretyakova described the character of the most project heroes as following:

“The Far Eastern entrepreneurs really shocked us. For example, the “Zuma” restaurant founders are not only the best of their kind, actively developing profitable business and consulting restaurant networks in other regions of Russia, but they are also the youngest. For instance, Ilia Suhih, the co-owner and restaurant manager, is only 28 years old. His colleague, marketing director Anna Nazmutdinova, is 25. Ilia gave us one of the biggest and most interesting interviews for our project. Following an Asian wisdom, “devote 10000 hours to business you develop, then it brings you to success”, he really knows and loves his guests, works 12 hours a day together with his team, which gives good result, according to “TripAdvisor 2014” rating they have already created the most successful restaurant in the country”.

Digital film project about Far East is going to be interesting to watch for all adventurous people, especially young ones. Special place in the project is taken by very “unusual hero”, who several mini films for the Internet are going to be devoted to, Far Eastern Federal University, the unique project of the Russian education, which united many universities of Vladivostok, and was born upon an initiative of the president to become an attractive place for the best students, teachers, scientists and talented youth from all Russia and others countries of the world.

Having returned, the long-distance expedition participants firmly decided that it’s only the beginning, first pilot shooting.

Energy of nature, people’s charm and scale of the implementing and conceived projects in the Far East charge you for action, inspire for the following creation. Therefore both the team of the serial film and later on spectators are going to eye-catching mysterious forests of the Amur River Region, Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, the Jewish Autonomous Region.

On 1st October the 26-minute film, which opens the series, was shown in Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, and the team started planning the production and promotion of the whole serial project. Soon spectators will be able to see all the short films on digital channels and on the Internet.


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