Each born child initially has to have EQUAL RIGHTS and opportunities for further development.

These rights and opportunities shouldn’t depend on financial opportunities of parents of the child.

The state if it is interested in increase in number of the citizens and in their harmonious development, has to allocate from the budget EQUAL FINANCE for the Kazhdogorozhdenny child.

Then married couples won’t be afraid to bring children.

I suggest to give out everyone the newborn a package of monetary certificates:

– on preschool education (kindergarten),

– on school,

– out-of-school education (occupation in the centers of culture and creativity),

– physical development,

– medicine,

– culture (visit of parks, theaters, concerts, museums),

Money which are guaranteed by certificates, go SURELY AND IMMEDIATELY to that establishment where the child MONTHLY is engaged.

Such program will increase the competition for the consumer and will lead to improvement of quality of the rendered services, will create a big class of competent managers (heads) of educational institutions etc.

It will also lead to increase of level of compensation of teachers (trainers) and to introduction of the differentiated system of compensation depending on satisfaction of parents with results of work of the teacher.

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