Дорога без тротуара на всю её длину не может быть введена в эксплуатацию

  • Да, тротуаров очень не хватает
  • Нет, дороги станут еще хуже
  • Да, но не везде

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I suggest to enter the standard of a construction of roads in which the object isn’t put into operation without existence of the sidewalk at all length of the road.
Also I suggest to carry out audit of all constructed roads on existence of sidewalks.
It is necessary to build sidewalks everywhere where they aren’t present. Especially it concerns the roads lying among house adjoining territories. Many inhabitants, leaving an entrance of the house, face that sidewalks or at all not, or they suddenly come to an end and smoothly pass into the carriageway. People are compelled to go on the carriageway competing in speed with cars, and it is life-threatening!!!

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