The person wants and has to live where it is comfortable to him.

Today we face a frightening tendency of mass moving of citizens from the Far East to Moscow, Sochi, etc. There leave people making “gold fund” of the developing society: the successful businessmen, young university graduates qualified and demanded experts.

For a number of reasons: tariffs for the electric power, heat, the Internet in Moscow today 10 times less than in the Far East.

In order that the Far Easterner went to rest to Europe, it is necessary for it money in 3-5 times more, than to the Muscovite.

I suggest to enter Far East coefficient of 50% to a rate of the minimum compensation.

Thus, for Far Easterners the size of the minimum rate of compensation will make:

30 000 + 50% = 45 000 rub/month (270 rub/hour)

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