Нужна ли нам профессиональная армия?

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Imagine a situation: in the country shortage of doctors – surgeons, cardiologists was formed. And the government issues the decree, to CALL ALL young people at the age of 18 years on service and to train them within a year for surgeons. On the expiration of year they are allowed to go home without examinations. Question: who from you will entrust to operate the heart to the accountant who was trained on the surgeon ON the APPEAL five years ago?
Absurdity? Think – now in army there is the SAME! From that that we once visited army defense capability of our country didn’t become stronger on a penny.

The person can do the work professionally only when he is engaged in it regularly and constantly works on increase of the qualification.
The army is the same WORK, as well as many others. Employees (military personnel) have to be employed, and further on them the same rules, laws, systems that on other working population have to extend. If necessary the specific documents regulating an operating procedure in army have to be accepted.

If the government considers that there is some basic knowledge and skills which each citizen for strengthening of defense capability of the state has to possess, it is quite enough to study this knowledge at schools and other educational institutions and to carry out every year examinations. Silly to exhaust for this purpose all country to barracks and to turn for a while into slaves.

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