“Fairly, the region has moved forward somewhat in the national rating, – this is very good, -said Alexander Kostenko, the chairman of the Economic Policy and Property Committee at the Legislative Assembly of Primorskiy region – this credit goes to businessmen to a greater extent than powers that be. At the same time, much is to be done considering that everything changes in the economic structure, and rather quickly. Of great importance here is not only steps of major investors, but steps of medium and small business, because this is the sector that prevails now. That’s why I would draw special attention not so much to successes, which are undoubtedly achieved, as to those steps which should be taken, as far as we are responsible for regional development. In this regard, the ASI, business community and authorities are to understand a way to move in the years to come”.

As Olga Kurilova noted, participated in the round table discussions with a report devoted to problems of support of medium and small business in Primorye based on the results of national rating of the state of the investment climate in entities of the Russian Federation, now the region is short of real property and gross leasable areas required for doing business, which are granted by the region to small businesses, quality of organizational, infrastructural and information support of medium and small business is at the lowest level. Educational and consulting services for business, multifunctional centers for businessmen are low rated.


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