Two busy training days became the real charge for self-development, search and disclosure of talents for residents.

Long-awaited trainings “Psychological sambo. Assertivnost” and “Personal plan of success. Self-motivation” took place with the notice at the end of the last week in Vladivostok. Residents received the real charge of motivation for self-development, search and disclosure of talents, scheduling of personal success already today. As noted during action the business coach, the psychologist and the author of the well-known laws Grace Natalja Grace, many persons have inheritance, but true heritage – only units.

– Mediocrity is unnatural by the nature, after all each person has a set of talents. Some talents are given if the first, for example, we will be able to use only within other country, the second – only in a certain family, the third in the presence of finance, and the fourth we will light up. One of them or all in a complex surely lead the person to success, but only in the presence of steadily given out result, diligence. And that the nobility, in what party to be zealous, the person has to create the personal and unique plan of success — the business coach told.

Natalja Grace added that it is correct to formulate the purpose quite often more difficult, than to reach it.

Alexander Monastyrev, president of pharmaceutical holding “Monastyryov and Co”, president of the Union of sports federations of Primorye:

I consider that Natalya does very big serious work: by means of the power lifts consciousness of people that they at last decided to take necessary steps, but didn’t wait for self-permission of a situation or gifts from the sky. Quite often happens and so that the person lives, understands that is time to change, but hesitates. In this case Natalja Grace’s training can play a crucial role. Seen on a scene is not usual training, but the whole action which it is curious to watch. Audible aggression is intended, just it also forces people to start and start working. I am very grateful to Natalya.

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