12 more representatives of Public advisory councils are elected today, on July 8, during expert and rating vote. These are heads of the large enterprises and sports clubs.

Each council included six candidates who gathered the maximum number of points on vote. Selection took place by three criteria: level of competence of professionalism, knowledge of a special situation, independence level.

Following the results of vote on economic policy entered into Public advisory council: Alexander Monastyryov, Dmitry Yarovoy, Sergey Mitrofanov, Boris Stupnitsky, Yury Ryabko, Dmitry Yamshchikov.

Also members of Public advisory council on development of physical culture and mass sport were elected. The greatest number of points was gathered: Denis Grigoriev, Alexander Lebedev, Stanislav Budin, Alexander Palchenko, Denis Rusinov, Vera Rusakova.

We will note, at present in Primorsky Krai there is a formation of new structures of eight Public advisory councils. It is OES on providing with qualitative housing, on regional educational policy, on health issues, on quality of housing and communal services, on development of physical culture and mass sport, in development of small and average business, in social support, in economic policy.

During plenary session of Public chamber of Primorsky Krai 24 representatives of Public advisory councils were elected. As expert and rating vote it will be chosen on six candidates for each council, and on three candidates the Governor of Primorsky Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky will present.

Source: http://primorsky.ru/news/common/90943/

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