In the cities of the region the quantity of drugstores already exceeds requirements, and in the remote settlements there are problems with provision of medicines.

Demand for drugs exists constantly therefore pharmaceutical business is considered one of the stablest. As the proof of it serves that fact that in the Far East large regional pharmacy chains actively develop, thus there is a place and for single drugstores which in big cities of the region are open practically continually. But crisis concerned also this field of activity – to be ill people didn’t become less, to pharmaceutical business experts predict the period of reductions, merges and absorption, writes the Far East Capital magazine.

Producers less

The pharmaceutical market can be divided into some components. These are producers, distributors, wholesalers and retail. From the first component in the Far East affairs are sadly: farmproizvoditel in the region are practically not present. His almost only representative – Dalkhimfarm joint-stock company, is the assignee of the Khabarovsk himfarmzavod created in 1939, today specializes on release of finished pharmaceutical products and has three main productions: ampulny, galenovy and tablet.

The Vladivostok pharmaceutical factory which was until recently letting out tinctures, extracts, syrups, oils, medical alcohols, solutions and mixes, tablets, the packed-up medicinal vegetable raw materials in 2011 stopped the existence.

There is in the region a number of the small enterprises, generally on the basis of the research establishments which are letting out dietary supplements on the basis of unique Far East gifts of the nature. However they disperse generally in those regions in which are made, and bigger distribution don’t gain. Therefore it isn’t necessary to consider them full-fledged farmproizvoditel so far. Though some of them let out really unique preparations.

The wholesale segment was occupied by federals

A peculiar situation developed in the Far East and with a wholesale link. Only here still are present including local wholesalers, thus that in many regions of their Russia didn’t remain any more and in the market the All-Russian largest wholesale suppliers dominate. Though the federal wholesale companies everything win the market more surely: wholesale deliveries of drugs to a pharmaceutical market of the Far East federal district are carried out by generally national distributors: “SIA International”, “Leaked”, “GROWTH”, “Katren” and “Shrey”. Branches of these companies are in Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Yakutsk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

In other territories because of low-density of population, “natsional” have no lack of railway transport or difficult transport schemes of branches. To Kamchatka Krai, Magadan, Jewish autonomous areas and Chukotka Autonomous Area medicines and products of medical appointment arrive from branches of national distributors the air transport. Generally from Khabarovsk.

The state retail will be reanimated

And here the retail sector in the region is developed very well. And if to look at quantity of drugstores in the cities of the Far East, the thought that pharmaceutical business – one of the most profitable for certain will come. Pharmaceutical points, small drugstores and large pharmaceutical hypermarkets are present at each large city of the region today. And their abundance on one square kilometer sometimes reads off scale. Considering that fact that large federal pharmacy chains didn’t reach the region, weigh the range of needs of Far Easterners for drugs and goods of medical appointment closes regional business.

The history of development of retail pharmaceutical business in the Far East, as well as in the majority of other regions of Russia, began with the state pharmacy chains. It is necessary to tell that in some regions KGUPY, the outlets which are responsible for provision of medicines of preferential categories of citizens and having including in the remote territories, are and to this day.

On Kamchatka, for example, the State unitary enterprise of Kamchatka Krai of “Kamchatfarmation” is the oldest pharmaceutical enterprise of the peninsula. SUE Kamchatfarmation – the assignee of the Kamchatka pharmaceutical management. Are a part of the enterprise 15 drugstores and pharmaceutical points from which nine are located in the cities Petropalovsk-Kamchatsky both Yelizovo and six – in regions of area. Besides retail trade in medicines, products of medical appointment, orthopedic goods and medical cosmetics, the enterprise serves according to free recipes of federal and regional exempts, provides to medical institutions of a vaccine, anesthetics. The only production drugstore of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is a part of the enterprise.

On Sakhalin the state pharmacy chain will be reorganized since 2003. Till 2016 all drugstores form a uniform network on the basis of the state wholesale trade enterprise “Farmation”. In the current year 4 more enterprises will join the general pharmaceutical warehouse. Thus, the number of unprofitable state drugstores in area will be reduced, there will be an opportunity for their strengthening. One more plus – increase in the range of drugs at the expense of the general warehouse and decrease in retail prices. In total at the moment in the territory of the Sakhalin region 98 organizations having the license for pharmaceutical activity work. From them 12 – the state unitary enterprises, 2 – the municipal unitary enterprises, the others – commercial.

And here in Primorye the state pharmacy chain “Seaside Regional Drugstore” is in bankruptcy procedure today, social functions assumed medical institutions and private business. Though talk on creation of a network of the state drugstores doesn’t stop. So, quite recently the governor of Primorsky Krai Vladimir MIKLUSHEVSKY declared that plans “to create a network of the state drugstores. “It will be pharmaceutical points in hospitals, medical assistant’s and obstetric points where we will be able administratively to regulate a trade margin. Somewhere we will reduce the prices due to transition to domestic preparations which aren’t worse than foreign analogs at all. In these drugstores there will be all necessary drugs for preferential categories of citizens”, – the governor noted.

Private networks actively develop

While the public pharmaceutical sector is responsible generally for exempts, in the region private pharmacy chains actively develop. Many of them, having begun the way with one region, already stepped over its borders, having got the status of regional players.

For example, “A new drugstore” – division “Khabarovsk pharmacy” – the largest pharmacy chain in the Far East. Outlets of the enterprise are open in Khabarovsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Dalnegorsk. But not in all cities of the region to open traditional drugstores economically reasonably therefore many players go on the way of creation of own networks discounters. On this way “The Khabarovsk pharmacy” went, having based a network of drugstores discounters “A drugstore of the miniprices” which outlets are open in Magadan, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Sovetskaya Gavan, Tynda, Ussuriisk etc.

“Creation of discounters is a compulsory measure, – Olga TERESHCHENKO, the director of control center of retail of NP “Khabarovsk Pharmacy” notes. – With such format we come on those markets where we can’t open “A new drugstore”. Most difficult in JAO: there the highest rate of quantity of drugstores per capita, price wars for the consumer and it is necessary to work with the minimum margin. The similar situation develops now in Komsomolsk-on-Amur”.

On Sakhalin the largest private network of drugstores – “Panacea”, works since 1997. Now 10 drugstores enter a network in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Korsakov and the item Ozyorsk.

In Yakutia the leader of the pharmaceutical market – the World of Health network – includes two large pharmaceutical markets from more than 15 000 names of goods for health; salon and workshop of optics; three classical drugstores; pharmaceutical point, wholesale warehouse.

The interesting situation with pharmaceutical business develops in Primorye. Here in the market there are as small single drugstores “at the house”, and large networks. For example, the history of the O’vita network – one of the first large seaside networks – began in October, 1996 with opening in Vladivostok of small pharmaceutical point of 18 sq.m in an epicure.

Since 1999 the drugstore occupied all area of shop, and then began to develop dynamically, opening the outlets in all districts of the city. It one of the first introduced in the city and a new format of trade – self-service drugstores in which the part of the range is in free access for buyers. Today “O’vita” is a 81 drugstore in Vladivostok and various regions of Primorsky Krai, and also 7 salons of optics and 3 shops of children’s goods, a wholesale pharmaceutical warehouse, uniform help service and a delivery service. By the way, after bankruptcy of the Seaside regional drugstore in the former state drugstores outlets of this network were open. Thus, the network occupied one of leading places in the market of Vladivostok.

But the most, perhaps, dynamically developing pharmacy chain of Primorye can be considered pharmaceutical holding “Monastyrev” today.

In rather short time the network also came to the leading positions on quantity of drugstores and on new formats of work with buyers. As the owner of a network Alexander MONASTYREV speaks, from Vladivostok the network will begin the distribution across all Russia – plans at her founders are that. “In the network of drugstores working under the Monastyrev.Rf brand we introduced innovative forms of communications with the buyer: the Internet show-window with intellectual search and possibility of the order of the interesting goods, mobile applications for Android and iOS, contact center where it is also possible to make the order and to get advice of the doctor, – Alexander Monastyrev speaks. – Also the format of pharmaceutical institutions with a big area and the free calculation of goods is unique”.

Crisis affected all

I had the impact on development of this market now and crisis in economy. As participants of the market note, consumer ability of the population decreased, therefore the competition in this market increased.

Attraction in the range of bigger amount of domestic analogs import medicines became the response of druggists to crisis and the rate of foreign exchange which increased in the fall of last year. Though often to replace an import preparation domestic it isn’t possible. Therefore, on supervision of druggists of the region, the ratio of the sold import and Russian drugs considerably didn’t change.

If to speak about margins which drugstores can do on the preparations then the state strictly controls druggists, especially according to the list of vital medicines. Pharmaceutical business receives the margin generally for the account of a margin on not medicinal range. A ratio of medicines and other goods in assortment of drugstores very different, it depends on model of business, a format of a drugstore, its location and many other factors. As a rule, the share of drugs in the range makes more than 60%. The rest is the share of the accompanying goods on which generally drugstores are earned.

Problems are solved in associations

If to speak about problems which pharmaceutical business in the region faces, that, according to participants of the market, they are similar to difficulties of all small business. This lack of long and cheap money, a lack of rooms and catastrophic shortage of qualified personnel with profile education. For the solution of these and some other problems and lobbying of the interests at the imperious level druggists of the region unite in association. So, in the Far East branch associations of pharmaceutical workers are in Primorye, on Sakhalin, in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The pharmaceutical enterprises of the region and participate in the Russian associations. “From the Far East the Pharmaceutical Guild non-profit partnership includes 5 participants from 40, – the head of guild Elena NEVOLINA speaks. – This rather good representation. Especially considering that fact that from some regions the guild includes professional associations: “The pharmaceutical commonwealth” from Primorsky Krai, the Sakhalin pharmaceutical association”.

Personnel problem – most important

But the main problem about which all speak without exception participants of the market today, it isn’t possible to solve fully yet to separately taken companies, associations. It is personnel hunger which drugstores in the region face. And on one of the eycharovskikh of forums who passed in Vladivostok few years ago, representatives of pharmaceutical business didn’t hide that in the market there is a fierce competition for shots: drugstores in a literal sense buy up pharmacists and druggists each other.

“The Far East still tests an acute shortage of the qualified pharmaceutical shots, – Natalya ABROSIMOVA, the department chair of pharmacy of Institute of professional development of experts of health care of Khabarovsk Krai considers. – Here pharmacists are included into the three of the most scarce experts”.

According to the research prepared by recruiting agency HeadHunter, the most demanded positions in medical labor market in the Far East are medical representatives, druggists and pharmacists. Requirements imposed by employers to competitors are quite high: compulsory higher or secondary profile education, experience of 1 year in branches, high communicative skills, knowledge of specifics, experience of project management (for the leading positions), knowledge of applied regulatory base. And, as recruiters note, today in the region demand for experts of this sphere is higher, than the offer.

Deficiency, according to experts of labor market, we will quite explain: the pharmaceutical market of the Far East actively develops, and qualified specialists are trained by four higher educational institutions and seven averages. Every year on pharmaceutical faculties of higher education institutions and suz in total (including the correspondence and evening forms of education) no more than 400 people arrive. It is clear that in conditions when new drugstores open quite often, it is obviously not enough this quantity.

Prospects optimistical

If to tell about prospects of development of a pharmaceutical market in the region, forecasts of experts the quite optimistical.

“In the Far East still there is a need to develop pharmaceutical business from the point of view of physical availability of drugstores. If to speak about quantity of drugstores per capita, the market in the Far East is rather saturated, – the head of the Russian non-profit partnership “Pharmaceutical Guild” Elena Nevolina considers. – And here physical availability is still insufficient: there are remote areas from which to the next drugstore it is necessary to go 110 km. But at the same time the population in this region is limited, and solvent demand won’t be there. There to open a drugstore it is unreal, means it is necessary to watch some other options, for example to organize exit trade. In the region we conduct negotiations with Ministry of Health on such opportunity long ago. In the Far East federal district there are settlements where there is neither drugstore, nor medical assistant’s and obstetric points. And in such settlements people can remain in general without the medicinal help. We study these questions and we put them before Ministry of Health.

Concerning arrival to the region of large federal networks Elena Nevolina doesn’t create illusions. In her opinion, federals are aimed at centralization of management today, and in such remote region as the Far East, quite difficult to make it. At the same time interregional networks (from Siberia, for example) with interest look at the Far East, and there is a probability of their calling on the territory.

Alexander Monastyrev considers that the market will continue to develop if not quantitatively, qualitatively it is exact. In his opinion, the most prepared and effective enterprises will survive. The increase in presence in the regional market of new players from other regions will stimulate the competition.

And along with networks will continue the existence and drugstores “at the house”. “Single drugstores will unambiguously survive as a class, – Alexander Monastyrev considers. – Another thing is that inefficient single drugstores, most likely, will be closed. And it is connected only with specifics of economy of each separately taken drugstore, and also adequacy and the head’s professionalizy”.

Elena ARDALYANOVA. Far East Capital magazine, June, 2015.

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