The correspondent of REGNUM news agency compared the prices in drugstores of Primorye: from Vladivostok to Terney.

The cheapest medicines in Primorye can be got in the large cities — Ussuriisk, Vladivostok, Nakhodka. The further you drive off from the capital of the region, the medicines become more expensive. Some preparations in the remote place aren’t present at all. Thus, the pricing policy on medicines in Primorsky Krai for the wholesale enterprises is absolutely inadequate, the president of pharmaceutical holding “Monastyrev.Rf” Alexander Monastyrev declared in conversation with the correspondent.

Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation recorded significant increase in the prices of preparations which aren’t included into the list the zhiznennovazhnykh. According to the head of department Veronika Skvortsova, in certain cases jump made 29%. For the first quarter 2015 the Prosecutor General’s Office and Ministry of Health revealed more than 2 thousand violations at sale of drugs which are connected with excess of limit retail prices. Numerous complaints from the population continue to come to department.

The correspondent of REGNUM news agency carried out raid on seaside drugstores to find out how actually affairs on places are. 8 pharmaceutical points from the city of Nakhodka to the settlement of city type Terney in the north of edge got to the review of edition.

In the Nakhodka drugstores of “Farmeko” and “Leviol” Lineks’s cost (16 capsules) makes 402 and 368 rubles respectively, Suprastin (20 tablets) — 134 rubles and 146 rubles, Nayz (20 tablets) — 230 rubles and 223 rubles.

In Vladivostok the prices differ from the Nakhodka a little. So, in Monastyrev.Rf hypermarket and a distribution network of “O’vita” of Lineks costs 420 and 428 rubles, Suprastin — 138 and 135 rubles, Nayz — 255 and 290 rubles.

In drugstores of Ussuriisk “Leda plus” and “Minitsen” the population can get Lineks for 378 and 320 rubles, Nayz — 228 rubles and 192 rubles. In Minitsen pharmacy chain Suprastin is on sale for 130 rubles, in “Leda plus” one of the most demanded preparations for treatment of allergic reactions didn’t appear available.

The similar situation developed in a drugstore “Health” of the settlement of city type of Kavalerovo where now there is no Suprastina, however druggists reported that usually the preparation costs around 200 rubles. Линекс in this drugstore release only big packings in 42 capsules for 900 rubles, Nayz — for 230.

In drugstores of Primorye of the settlement of the price, most remote from the capital, is much higher. So, in Terney Nayz sell for 306 rubles, small packing of Lineks isn’t present available, and packing from 32 capsules is offered for 710 rubles. For an example, the same packing in Vladivostok can be got for 601 rubles. Suprastin in the seaside remote place sell for 143 rubles.

The head of large pharmacy chain Alexander Monastyrev proved a considerable difference of the prices in drugstores of Primorsky Krai a variety of reasons. The expert emphasized that in this case take place to be not only objective, but also subjective factors. Thus the businessman is sure that the prices will change further. The exchange rate has direct impact on them.

“The prices differ for several reasons. Objective reasons: a transport component, limited commodity turnover because of small number of inhabitants in this or that settlement, and also because of backwardness of the competition. The subjective reason takes place also: greed of the owner of a drugstore. And as 70% of drugs — import, the prices will change depending on exchange rate” — the expert declared.

In turn the administration of Primorsky Krai reports about monthly monitoring of prices of medicines during which notes or insignificant dynamics towards a rise in price, or at all increase in prices doesn’t fix.

“On a number of positions worth from 50 to 500 rubles insignificant dynamics within 0,9% towards a rise in price is noted. If in general across Russia on drugs in price category over 500 rubles of the price increased by 0,4%, Primorsky Krai became an exception — increase in prices isn’t recorded” — the regional administration reports.

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