According to Vitaliy Verkeenko, the Primorye strategic development and project department director, this territory of advanced development is going to be the first of realized ones in Primorye. A multifunctional manufacturing and trading platform with multimodal transport and logistics hub is going to be built in Nadezhdenskiy district

Total TAD’s floor area is going to be 806 ha. The electricity line powered by 30 MW, water and drainage system, 7 km of motorway is going to be set up. In other words the government is going to provide TAD’s residents with necessary infrastructure.

“Today there have been contracts signed with three TAD’s participants; the resident’s pool continues being filled”, noted Vitaliy Verkeenko.

He added that the first part of engineering infrastructure in Nadezhdenskiy must be built by the end of 2017. On the same day the first residents’ facilities will start working.

According to Alexander Monastyirev, the chairman of the Public Expert Council for investment attraction to Primoskiy region, the main target of TAD’s creation in the region is the local people’s quality life improvement. There will be a lot of new vacancies in TADs.

“While choosing residents, what must be counted is that 90% of TAD’s employees must be Russian citizens”, considers Alexander Monastyirev.

He added that TAD’s factories should set cooperation with local institutions for preparing new young specialists for them.

The experts also discussed other criteria for TAD’s potential residents selecting. Based on the results of the session suggested proposals are going to be sent to the Far East Development Ministry.

The first vice-governor of Primorye Vasiliy Usoltsev at the end of the discussion noted that all the experts’ proposals were going to be accepted to the city parliament work.


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