The expert community scarified the only Territory of the Advancing Development “Nadezhdinsky” approved by the government.

Experts scarified the project of creation of the territory of the advancing social and economic development “Nadezhdinsky”. This of TORAHS became the first and, the only thing approved for realization in Primorye by the Government of the Russian Federation so far. The business community is afraid that investors will use the territory as “milk cow”. And the enterprises which are already working in the region will be the loser as the present concept of creation the TORAH will lead to unfair competition. The chairman of public advisory council on attraction of investments Alexander Monastyrev told about it in interview to the correspondent of REGNUM news agency on Friday, March 27.

REGNUM news agency: How you estimate the project of creation the TORAH? What pluses, what minuses?

— I consider idea of creation ТОРов an important step on the way to complex development of the Far East of Russia, the priority object set by the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. From minuses: unfortunately, at us so often happens that idea very good, and here its realization — “as always …”.

REGNUM news agency: Whether “Nadezhdinsky” will give that multiplicative effect which from it is waited?

— Will give only if it at once to request from the resident the TORAH at the conclusion of the contract. I consider that conditions on which the manufacturing investor comes in TORAHS, should be registered in more detail that it didn’t turn out so that foreigners use us as “milk cow”. On March 18 the next meeting of public advisory council on attraction of investments into Primorsky Krai on which these conditions were presented took place. Namely, the minimum wage at the enterprises in TORAHS has to be 30 thousand rubles, the median income of workers is higher than 50 thousand rubles, the share of the Russian citizens in structure of workers has to make more than 80%. It is necessary to provide decrease in a share of cost of goods, services in relation to the median income, and also quantity of the made units of goods and services and number of the made new names of goods and services.

REGNUM news agency: What problems can arise at implementation of this project?

— The bases the problem is that foreign investors don’t decide to come into TORAHS in connection with a situation in geopolitics. Sanctions — a hindrance.

One more problem which all discuss — is injustice in relation to local business which doesn’t stand still. For example, some time ago a certain businessman already constructed plant or the logistic center in Vladivostok when it built it, the TORAH wasn’t yet, and now his competitor will construct the same in the TORAH and will receive for himself good economy. Strengthening of unfair competition will become result. The decision is. All local businessmen support that time the state is ready to give privileges to business, it is necessary to give them to all. That is let all Primorsky Krai will become the territory of the advancing development.

REGNUM news agency: What offers the advisory council is ready to make?

— We support that if privileges can’t be given all, it is necessary to narrow specialization ТОРов so that in producers only from those branches which now aren’t developed in Primorsky Krai in any way could come there. At the moment all differently: one of residents the retailer from Khabarovsk wants to become. Thus, local retailers receive unfair competition at the expense of the state. In the world there are a lot of investors. They are ready to come investors here, but they aren’t ready to be producers. It is important to set a goal to find producers who already concrete make something, and ready to develop the production in ours to the TORAH if under them plants are constructed. Investors not that will come to the created pool of producers and the project of complex building of industrial park, and will come running, overtaking each other.

We will remind, from five TOROV in Primorye support of the Deputy Prime Minister, plenipotentiary of the president in the Far East federal district Yury Trutnev and the Ministry of development of the Far East was by only one received so far. While the next Khabarovsk Krai managed to defend projects of two ТОРов.

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