Considering this a logical question comes up: don’t we have anything to spend the budget for that we’re desperate to use it for creating state drug stores, which are going to be privatized or bankrupt again?

To be honest, any idea can be brought to life successfully or not. And this idea is not an exception. Here are two development scenarios.

The successful one: the government announce the open tender among existing Russian pharmaceutical networks and choose the one which currently has such things combined like: minimal price, maximal range of products, positive reviews, convenient format, open product display, convenient services of ordering online, call-center, mobile applications, cards payment, flexible system of loyalty, client oriented servicing, and trying to buy an imported medication one will be always offered the Russian one for lower price and so on. If the chief of the winner drug store network is offered to manage the state drug store network, he will be definitely able to make efficient.

The scenario doomed to fail or using the budget money for good idea.

Somebody’s relative will be given this position illicitly. He will build drug stores two or three times more than real price. The price for medications will be much higher than in other drug stores network. Within some time such state network will bankrupt, and there will be nobody to blame, but a tremendous amount of the budget money will be wasted.


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