For the first time Russian Powerlifting Championship started in Primorskiy region. The competition is being held in the sport building S of FEFU.

According to the president of Powerlifting Federation in Russia Kozyirev Sergey Mitrofanovich, this is the 24th Russian championship in history. This time there are 36 regions of Russian Federation, including representatives of the Crimea and Sevastopol, for whom this championship is the very first.

“This is the first championship in Far East. There is a great building, a good gym hall, a good warm-up hall, a perfect accommodation. All sportsmen feel comfortable, and that is the most important thing”, said the president of Powerlifting Federation.

Zhan Kuznetsov, the director of Physical Training and Sports Department in Primorye, took part in ceremonial opening of the championship: “I consider such competitions to be propaganda for healthy lifestyle, attract citizens of the region to go for sports”.

During the ceremonial opening there were first winners of the competition awarded. “Men up to 59 kg” Award winner was the Honored Master of Sports of Russia, the repeated world’s champion Sergey Fedosienko (Novosibirsk).

“The only word which fits all that is “splendid”. I mean the place where the competition is held, feeding arrangements, accommodation. It’s never been like that at domestic competitions, at National Championships. This is my 11th championship, and I have something to compare with”, said Sergey Fedosienko.

Byichkov Alexander Nikolaevich, the Russian Powerlifting Federation president of the jury: “Fascinating competition arranging, kind staff, and organizers. I’m sure all that will make a great sport event both for the organizers and spectators. Now I can claim with no doubt that Vladivostok can set up competitions of such high level”.

The struggle will be serious, because according to the results there will be men’s and women’s national teams made up, who will be sent to the European and World Championships.

Currently the Russian Powerlifting Federation can be literally called the strongest in the world: we win all team competitions in all nominees and at all championships.

The most spectacular competitions are going to be on Sunday 1st March, women up to and over 84 kg, and men up to and over 120 kg will fight for the Russian champions. For spectators the attendance is free.
The Alexander Monastyirev’s Charity Fund took part in funding the championship.

Source: (Powerlifting Federation in Primorskiy region)

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