On 13th October 2014 a meeting of business community representatives, social organizations, and experts was held at the Regional Parliament.

There was a discussion of execution of some regulations in the law on advance socio-economic development territories. That legislation was approved at the Russian Federation governmental session on 9th October 2014. To clarify and answer relevant questions there were the first vice-governor of Primorye Alexander Kostenko, and the assistants of Ministry for Development of Russian Far East Department directors Grigoriy Smolyak and Albert Rakipov.

Businessmen were interested in competitive expansion, including limited human resources, territory management aspects, and a part and a place of small and medium enterprise in that process.
The chief of the “Oporyi Rossii” Primorskiy regional department Igor Savinov said that “ADT establishment is a chance for regional development. In these circumstances, the order of companies, which enter those territories, is also essential”.

The chief of “Ernst and Young” LLC Far Eastern branch Alexey Erohin said that “this law proposal gives an opportunity for Primorye’s economics development. The way of communicating with business community on that issue has been chosen correctly, and it must move on in other Far Eastern territories”.

The chairman of Public Expert Council in investment attraction to Primorskiy region Alexander Monastyirev suggested discussing the project in expert groups and conceiving permanent proposals in order to present them at Ministry for Development of Russian Far East and Primorskiy region parliament, having stressed the necessity of its soonest approving by Federal Assembly.

At the end of the meeting a decision to support the project was made.

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