One year of successful work of the Medical center was celebrated on Russkiy Island.

During the ceremonial meeting the Medical Center’s director Oleg Bubnov and chief doctor Oleg Pak congratulated the staff with the first year of the institution’s existence and awarded the best employees.


For the first year more than 40000 patients from Primorye, Sakhalin, Magadan, Khabarovskiy region, Moscow vicinities, Irkutsk, and even Kaliningrad have attended our Medical center. Almost 3000 operations have been executed here.

Alexander Monastyirev, a successful entrepreneur, the president of the “Monastyirev and Co” Holding company, congratulated the staff of the unique Medical Center in Far East with its first birthday. He as well presented them with the photographs by Olga Vasik.


Oleg Pak, the chief doctor at the Medical Center, said the most important what they have managed to achieve for that period is the staff’s friendly attitude to each other.

“Every employee feels his partner’s support, and if today there’s something he can’t handle with, he knows that his more experienced partner’s got his back, and ready to help. Different people came to us from different regions, and we can claim with no doubt that our center is multifunctional”, – said Oleg Pak.

The medical staff is almost completely selected. Currently, according to the chief doctor, narrowly focused specialists are being looked for, who will be essential for future projects – organ transplantations, nuclear medicine, and pediatric oncology. Nursing staff is being admitted nowadays.


“Our minimal program these days is accomplishment of state tasks in high quality medical aid. We have to execute about 2000 operations within 4 months. The maximal program is to organ transplantation development. If we make this project come true in Primorye, it will be something”, – Oleg Pak is sure.

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