As practice shows the first place people run for as they feel disorder is a drug store. However, modern drug stores don’t limit themselves with a range of medications, they offer a wide choice of medical goods, which help to keep oneself healthy and beautiful, and numerous means of hygiene, and the various products for mommies and babies.

Nowadays we can see a lot of such facilities, they are almost everywhere. And nevertheless, with all that wide range we choose the only one. There is such thing like “my” hairdresser, dentist, cosmetologist, tailor, picnic place, so why not “my” drug store? That place isn’t less important as, say, cinema, or shop, or restaurant, because it’s not about pleasure, it’s about the main value of any person – his health.

Drug stores, like humans, aren’t alike. Each has its own face, its temper, its “thing”. They are different in range, prices, work hours, and of course, service quality. From these perspectives “Monastyirev and Co” network outstand the others. Here, as they say, is everything one needs. Let’s count together!

Firstly, it’s low prices, due to “Monastyirev and Co” drug stores work with a huge turn over, and they have high discounts from all leading distributors due to huge volume of purchasing. Secondly, it’s the widest range. There is an impressive list of products – several thousands of names – medications, means of hygiene and disease prevention, remedial cosmetics, and medical goods, which can deliver health to people. In “Monastyirev and Co” drug stores one can find maximum of what is needed, starting with aspirin and iodine, and finishing by rare and unique medications. If there is no medication from your request at the moment, it’s always possible to order it.

Thirdly, it’s educated and friendly staff, consequently, high level service quality, individual approach to any customer. Fourthly, it’s an opportunity to get full information about a medication right away. There are not just consulters, but practical doctors who work in “Monastyirev and Co” drug stores. Fifthly, it’s convenient work hours from 8 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. without breaks and days off. In other words, anyone can drop in at his or her lunch break, after or before work, of at the weekend.

Not enough? Then keep on counting. Drug store network has its own website and its own call-center (222-0-222), where one can get full information about availability of any of medications, consult with a specialist, and also make a pre-order. Besides that, one can also get a delivery of the products to any place and by convenient time.

And for “dessert”, one can get a 20% discount. Visit, call, read on website, and you’ll see how easy it is.

“Monastyirev and Co” value its name and loyalty of its clients, that’s why all the products are certified. The expiring dates, keeping conditions and selling the medications are followed strictly.

During many years of work “Monastyirev and Co” Network has deserved their clients’ love and loyalty, not once having proven its necessity, reliability. Confirmation to that fact serves constantly increasing number of new clients. “Monastyirev and Co” is keen on creating possibilities for people to be healthier, that’s why, meeting its clients’ requests halfway, is planning to open three new drug stores in different areas of Vladivostok city by the end of 2012.

To make one’s life full and bright a man must be healthy. “Monastyirev and Co” not only makes it real, but also really easy.

Welcome on the way to your health!

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