Serious punishment should serve as a lesson to violators

Drug stores must keep strict watch after medications expiry dates. In case of failure of sanitary regulations violators must be seriously punished, up to revoking license, thinks the president of pharmaceutical holding “Monastyrev and CO”, the member of Primorskiy Department Board of Russian Pharmaceutical Association Alexander Monastyrev.

“Drug stores license must be revoked for violation of medications shelf-life. In case detection of violations controlling units reserve the right to freeze the pharmaceutical license activity or revoke it. That will serve a lesson to a violator. The main task to keep expiry dates watch should be on owners of stores, because such violations might harm consumers’ health”, mentioned Alexander Monastyrev.

Reminding that shortly before the Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare in Primorsiy Region during the regular checking detected hygienic requirements in dietary food supplement turnover in some local drug stores. Divergences from hygienic norms were detected by microbiological indexes in two dietary food supplements: “Pochki sosnyi” by “Altai-Farm” LLC and “Pizhma. The tansy flowers.” by “HORST Company” LLC.

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