The owners of the private health businesses require a cancelation of additional licensing. Representatives of private medical organizations opposed the new licensing of the industry, which implies the heads of the medical institutions to have an additional education. According to businessmen’s point studying of management in public universities will not give the necessary knowledge, however, can lead to increasing of corruption in the field. Regional authorities are convinced that getting a degree is necessary for doctors get missing knowledge. Experts ask the government to replace the studying for independent testing

Representatives of non-commercial partnership (NP) “National Union of Regional Associations of Private Healthcare System” addressed to the minister of Russian Federation Healthcare Veronika Skvortsova with asking to eliminate from the government regulations “About medical activity licensing” additional requirement that directors of medical organizations and their assistants must have professional education and certificate with a degree in “Healthcare Organizing and Public Health”.

New licensing requirement of medical activity were put in force instead of previously actual government regulation “About confirmation of enactment of licensing of medical activity”.

The chief of NP Sergey Misyulin in his appeal claimed that licensed requirement is nothing but an administrative barrier, “which due to its impossibility leads to the corruption during the governmental control and superintendence”. “Private medicine in Russia is represented by little and micro organizations, where the number of doctors who work there is up to 10, and integration of new positions during the crisis and public’s financial solvency decreasing is becoming a difficult financial burden for them, which might lead them to the bankruptcy”, is mentioned in the appeal.

Mister Misyulin in his conversation with “Ъ” stated that new requirement is educational “terror” against chiefs of private medical organizations. “New licensing requirement for chiefs of private medical organizations is intentional decision of medical institution to make representatives of private medicine pay for the education, which won’t give entrepreneurs any knowledge necessary to work in the market conditions. The government healthcare and its MPI are not representatives of economic turnover”, he mentioned.

The chief of healthcare department in Primorskiy region, and the head of department in public heath organizing and healthcare VSMU Vladimir Kuznetsov said to “Ъ” that disagrees with representatives of the private medicine about possible bankruptcy worries. “Certificate of the specialist is given for five years. The price of course, even if we take the maximal figure, is 60 thousand rubles. If one thousand rubles per month is impossible for current company, then I can’t imagine what kind of business it has”, mentioned mister Kuznetsov.

According to him, the necessity of getting first and additional education is obvious. “The majority of entrepreneurs work by the law “About consumer’s rights protection”. Nowadays all medical institutions are allowed to participate in realization of the government guarantees program, which means to receive money from CHI Fund and provide customers with services. Meanwhile, medical documentation issues, reports, simple procedure issues, which are known well by any healthcare organizer, are not counted in many clinics. If one hold himself as part of medical business, then one must have degree in the appropriate field and necessary qualification”, concluded mister Kuznetsov.

Government is sly, refuse to control market of medical services in words, but in deed interfere the process, thinks the chief editor of “Vladmedicina” portal Kirill Mosolov. In his opinion, execution of the new requirement of licensing won’t increase the quality and safety of medical services. “Recently Veronika Skvortsova has clarified that the ministry doesn’t do markets, neither pharmaceutical, nor medical, nor any other, because it’s beyond institution’s competence. Nevertheless, by creating new administrative barrier presented as unnecessary certificate, the government extensively “control” the medical services market”, mentioned mister Mosolov.

The member of Council of Primorskiy Department of National Medical Association alexander Monastyrev suggested replacing studies in universities with independent testing, like USE. “Chiefs must be demanded to pass specific exams and tests. Such testing shouldn’t be expensive, up to five thousand RUB, and receiving committee is not related to the institute”, believes mister Monastyrev.
Vitaliy Kanevskiy.


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