All the efforts must be made to realize the vital projects for Vladivostok city, thinks the participant of civil referendum. The participant of “Open choice” Civil Referendum Alexander Monastyrev thinks that all the efforts must be made and all conditions must be provided to realize the vital projects for Vladivostok city. There should be no way to get good ideas unnoticed.

The dialogue’s format, suggested by the governor, no doubt reveals wide range of opportunities for those, who are ready to work for people of Vladivostok city and who know how to make the city better. I guess this is the first time when we all got equal chances in such competition. The only thing which is now demanded from each participant is to make all the efforts to realize the significant projects and lead them till the end.

“After all good ideas must work!”, – claims Alexander Monastyrev.

Help of organizers will also be necessary here, thinks the candidate.

“To my mind it’ll be more objective if all citizens are able to esteem the candidates’ projects, even though they haven’t passed the election. The great number of participants of that referendum has no experience of public performance, that’s why it’s going to be difficult for them most of all. Moreover, not all volunteers could come and vote. Therefore in my opinion it’s important to publish all the candidates’ projects on a website.

Best way is to publish that on the governor’s website in the section “ideas and proposals”. To make that happen, a candidate should divide his project into particular proposals and publish them separately from each other. The voting processing has been already set on the governor’s website. There is only one thing’s left, to add author’s name sorting search.

No doubt during the referendum there must be personal esteem of local citizens, but further project electronic voting must be held to choose the most vital and successful ones.

I already talked about that at Vladimir Miklushevskiy’s meeting with the participants of the referendum, and I’m glad that the governor supported the idea”, – said the candidate.

Alexander Monastyrev is going to present his program at the outdoor stage in the district #13, which is held on 147 Svetlanskaya str, (in front of Regional Centre of Folklife Culture) on 6th July at 6:30 p.m.

The candidate mentioned that he took in favor citizens interests during developing his project.

It’s worthwhile to say that at the governor’s meeting with the participants of the referendum, Vladimir Miklushevskiy concentrated their attention on that the projects must be well thought through and practically executed. Such projects will be in favor. Beside that the governor assured the participants that all the perspective projects are not going to be put off as it happened after National Public Front last autumn.


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