Socially oriented entrepreneurs have heard the governor’s initiative

The sixth outdoor stage of the civil referendum “Open selection” for citizens of the Leninskiy district in Vladivostok city was held at the Guilds Entertainment Center. Nine participants presented their projects of the city development and socially vital problems solutions. Alexander Monastyrev took the lead by a landslide at the district #13.

There were nine participants: the director of Guilds Entertainment Center, the deputy of city parliament Vladimir Isakov; the general director of the “Monastyrev and Co” Holding Company, the president of the Track and Field Athletics Federation in Primorye Alexander Monastyrev; the FEFU president councilor, the chairman of the regional department of the “Pensioners Union”, the city parliament deputy Gennadiy Turmov; the chief executive of the closed corporation “Construction Contract Company”, the representative of the public organization of veterans “Battle Brotherhood” Evgeniy Artemov; the general director of the “Aqua Service” LLC, the representative of the public organization of veterans “Battle Brotherhood” Viktor Klyukman; the “Edinaya Rossiya” MEC chief specialist Evgeniya Tyishkevich; the representative of “Svetoch” the social protection and citizen support charity fund  Anna Zhukova; the representative of “Rostelekom” OJSC macroregional branch guild Elena Sabaeva; the vice-president of the “Zelenyie listya” Holding Company Anatoliy Priteev. The participants were asked by the famous journalist, the author and host of the “Stalker” TV show Dmitriy Novikov.

The candidates told the cores of their projects to about 300 citizens, who came to that referendum. He thus assured everyone that working with the current convocation of parliament he knows well how to deal with the budget. According to the deputy’s opinion park zones must be built in Vladivostok and funds for that can be found.


Alexander Monastyrev in his speech touched the vital issue not only for citizens of Vladivostok city, but of the whole Primorye. The candidate explained why the program of the preferential medication provision got stuck.

“I’ve been familiar with that problem for 15 years now, and I must say that money for buying medications is being provided more and more every year. Thus 700 million RUB have been provided for buying preferential medications this year. However, the quantity of the medications, received by ill people, isn’t increasing. And it’s about the quantity of money, it’s about its spending”, – said Alexander Monastyrev.

I suggest that we should provide the public with clear and available budget expenditure control, so everyone could see online the whole chain of events, starting with buying finishing with delivery to a particular man”.


Also the participant of the referendum mentioned the problem of mass sport support, which according to the official data in the regional program of sport development till 2015 had been shared only 2% of all planned funds. Beside that the majority of people supported Monastyrev’s offer to make personal certifications for every citizen which will allow him/her to attend any sport workshop for free. Money to execute that can be taken from the funds of mass sport.

The participant of the referendum Anna Zhukova offered to build hospice for people with oncological diseases in Vladivostok city. To her mind incurables need professional support, and their relatives need rehabilitation.

Also there were a number of proposals related to exceptionally young generation. Thus Evgeniya Tyishkevich claimed that Vladivostok city needs a youth employment center.


Notably every following referendum is getting more and more interesting. Now citizens have an opportunity to read about candidates on the stands with photos. Alexander Monastyrev took the lead at the district #13 preferential voting.


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