On April 20 president of the Athletics Federation of Primorsky Kray, Alexander Monastyrev, and Master of Sports of Russia, world champion in athletics among veterans Ivan Zaitsev participated in a live program “In the focus of attention” on channel “Public Television of Primorye”

The reasons for meeting were triumphant returning of a local sportsman from track and field athletics world’s championship among veterans, which was held in little Finnish town Yuvyaskyul from 3rd to 8th April, and issues on PE and sport development in Primorskiy region.

The beginning was, of course, with the victory. Ivan Zaitsev, won at the World’s Championship in Finland one golden and two silver medals, shared his impressions as a champion: “At first there was pride in championship. But when I arrived in Vladivostok, where I was met by kids applauding and cheering, I felt different, because of giving them my attitude and my potential. They aspire after that, also want to go for sports, to win as well. I motivate them for the winning.”

Alexander Monastyrev claimed surely that Ivan’s victory is the victory not only of primorskiy sport, but the whole nation too, for it’s only the second time in the history of track and field athletics, Russian sportsman is the World’s Championship Sprint Run winner. He also said that the participation itself in the competition of such level is great achievement. “At the championship, which 200 countries take part in, or National championship with 86 teams (84 regions plus Moscow and St. Petersburg), even if one comes in tenth that is a very high result. Primorskiy region is one of the 84, that’s why 10th place is already perfect!” – thought the president of Track and Field Athletics Federation.

Alexander Monastyrev noted that sport for veterans must be developed, because “35+” is “the most mature and hard-working age, and exactly the potential which necessary for our country.” He also shared with us difficulties which he met two years ago when he headed the Track and Field Athletics Federation, and systematic steps he made to overcome them, and about has been achieved for such short time.

“The main thing that we did firstly was reasons for sportsmen to stay in sport. As soon as I headed the Federation, I had to collect a team and go for the competitions around FEFD, but instead of required 20 people, we barely had 10. So I started to call candidates master of sports, masters of sports, who had been training recently, but left for some reasons. Several people told me the same thing – they left due to lack of money. After all when one goes for sports, he must eat better, buy uniform, sometimes pay for the transportation. That’s why nowadays we have system of bonuses for the winning at different stages of competitions. And the second step was a financial stimulation of trainers. Because I was in a cold sweat when, having returned to sport after 20 years, I saw the same faces. It means they are over 60, and some of them are over 70. They are of course top personnel, but we need to grow shift, new generations of trainers. These days we’re trying to get things moving – we’re doing our best to make those who graduate from university with a degree in “Physical Education and Sport” go to work in their field.

Besides that, during the air system problems in sport were touched as well. One of them, according to Alexander Monastyirev, is the primary squad is lost. “It’s all been globalized nowadays, and the first competition is in city, then in the region, but what about class and school competitions, as it used to be before.” The second problem is that the school sport has been deprived from the sport itself. The first one found himself under the supervision of Ministry of Education, and the second one – Ministry of Sport respectively. As they are two different institutions there is no undivided authority.

“It’s necessary that united group of officials were responsible for one goal. If so, we’d be able to involve more children into sport and find the talented ones”, Monastyirev is sure. He strongly believes that in Russia the sport financing system and sport attitude itself must be changed radically. “Sport at any age is the formula for healthy nation and it must be done and developed. Unfortunately, our situation is following, healthcare is on its own, sport is on its own too. Sometimes their interests are even mutually exclusive”, spotted the president of Track and Field Athletics Federation. – I want us to start, step by step, not in words, but indeed, moving towards sport situation improving. To make it happen, first of all, we must establish the dialogue with the government. I’ve written to the governor several times, where I asked him to create a actual sport expert council, and we’d go on by the specific plan, unfortunately, not all my letters were answered, not all of them were published.”

In the end of the show Alexander Monastyrev suggested that all the viewers get down with their health and invited all to the “Dinamo” stadium: “There are free workshops absolutely for all ages. We’re setting all necessary conditions for people to make the desires in PE and sport happen.”

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