Young athletes from Primorye don’t stop surprising. We’ve already reported on victories at the Far Eastern Federal District Competitions, successful performances of juniors of young age category at the National competitions. Here comes pleasant news again

The National competition of senior young athlete category in Saransk finished the other day. The hero of the event in the capital of Mordovia became an 11 grade student of one of the schools in Artem city Ilgizar Safiullin, who became two-time National In-door Competition champion, having won the final runs for 1500 and 3000 meters consequently. By that the young student of Primorskiy track and field athletics school once again proved that he is one of the most promising runners in Russia nowadays. Reminding that last year he won his competitors as confidently as this time at the same distances at the National Spartakiad. Having come back from Saransk the young candidate answered some questions from a correspondent of “Vladivostok”.

–          Ilgizar, when was harder? Now or a year ago?

–          Last year I guess, because there were only the strongest athletes including the Mountain Running Champion from Moscow Andrey Rusakov. I managed to outrun him, though… To be honest, we’ve had this battle for two years now. Now I win, then he does. The previous head-to-head European Cross Competition, held last year in Portugal, was won by him, that’s why I was concentrated on the revenge in Saransk. Unfortunately, Andrey couldn’t take part in it this time. Nevertheless, the competition was extreme, especially at the 1500 m run, where during the whole run I had to lead difficult tactic battle, and only at the finish line I managed to take the lead. The result was 3 min. 56,3 sec. Talking about 3000 m run I took the lead at the very beginning, and somewhere about after 2 km I realized that I had some power left and I could speed up. And I did at the last kilometer, and came in first for 8 min 17,7 sec, with 4,3 sec ahead of the second prizewinner.

–          Wow! That must be considered as the result of cooperation with a new mentor, mustn’t it?

–          Yes. I’ve recently had my previous mentor changed, and now I’m working with a very experienced coach Anatoliy Mihailovich Rigel. Due to him I managed to go to these competitions in Saransk in optimal shape.

–          What are your plans for this season?

–          All the competitions, been held this year, were indoor. Now we’re up to getting ready for the stadium. I’m also planning to give a high performance at the summer competitions. But the main goal is to get to European Junior Championship. And, of course, to face my main competitor Andrey Rusakov one more time. For starter I’d like to take my revenge for the European Championship loss.

–          And probably to recover from the bad luck at the World’s Championship in Canada last year?

–          Certainly! However, I’d like to note that not only me did badly, but the whole Russian national team. We arrived in Canada four days before the competition, and we should’ve arrived as, for example, Ukrainian national team, two weeks beforehand, so we could get acclimatized. It will serve everyone a lesson. In one word, work and work.

Beside that some other athletes from Primorye got marked on national level. A performance of a 17-year-old multiathlonist from Vladivostok Leonid Homich became a pleasant surprise. The young sportsman, who is attending the “Bogatyir” Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve under command of coaches Lyubov Sosyuk, Julia Zaginai and Tatyana Kuzina, made his first performance at such a prestigious competition, and to the specialists’ big surprise he could get the silver medal. Tatyana Kolchenkova, the high jumper, hit top 5 with the result 173 sm, and a hurdler Roman Gribenyuk looped the quartette at the 60 meter sprint run. A few days later after the National Competition, a National Memorial tournament, devoted to head-liner of track and field athletics Eduard Grigoryan was held in Moscow. Here Roman Gribenyuk took the first place at his favorite 60 meter sprint run, and Tatyana Kolchenkova came in third at the high jump.

–          To conclude, says the president of the Track and Field Athletics Federation in Primorye Alexander Monastyrev, – these winter games showed us that athletes from Primorye have reserved a good back up for the upcoming summer season.

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