Young athletes are taking the national exam. After the Far Eastern Junior Track and Field Athletics Show, which was reported by the “Vladivostok” on 24 Jan 2011, the leading sportsmen, born in 1994-1995, went to the National Indoor Competition.

This competition was held in Penza city, and all juniors from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad gathered there. Unlike the western parts of the country, which sent their whole teams to Penza city, Far East due to the serious financial expenses can’t afford it. Therefore only the most promising athletes could go there.

The Regional Department of Track and Field Athletics Federation provided with some part of expenses, and the regional department of the physical training and sports took the main part of it. Alexey Kolesnikov became a chief of the department the other day. The trip showed that this expenditure wasn’t for nothing. The guys, most of whom took part in such prestigious event for the first time, got chance to compete with the best athletes in the country, the members of the national team, with those who had participated in such prestigious competitions several times. All of them got priceless competitive experience, and some of them, which is probably the most exciting thing, were noticed by the coaches of the national team.

First of all, this is a runner from Partizansk city Alexandra Kireeva. The 17 year old trainee of the local coach Vitaliy Sapsai went on her marks twice. At first she hit top dozen at the 1500 meter run, and then she caught the specialists by surprise. At the 3000 meter run she confidently was keeping up with the leaders and at the finish line managed to get herself a silver medal.

“It’s a great and deserved success, – says the president of the Track and Field Athletics Regional Federation Alexander Monastyrev, – in future we’ll try to provide the talented sportsman an opportunity of a regular participation in such high level competition.

Artur Kopyilov from Nakhodka city went on his marks on the track of the Olympic Reserve School in Penza city twice as well. At the first 3000 meter run he came in fourth, and at the 200 meter hurdle run he came in fifth. The guy obviously has good perspectives. Maria Panischenko, a runner from Bolshoi Kamen city, showed a great result at the 60 meter sprint – 7,94 sec. She also did well at the 200 meter run – 25,74 sec. It would be preferable to pay some attention to the performance of a 16 year old sprint runner from Vladivostok Fedor Kiselkov.

Being one year younger than the rest of the competitors, and that is pretty much among Juniors, despite that he could fight openly. At the 60 meter run he performed 7, 18 sec, at the semi-final he already had the sixth time – 7, 14 sec, but at the final he couldn’t put up with his nerves, jumped the gun and was disqualified. No doubt it’s a shame, but as they say, if you lose don’t lose the lesson. Now there is an experience, time to prove your ability too, – there is the whole year to go. It’s crucial for young sprint runner and his mentors Lyubov Sosyuk, Tatyana Kuzina and Julia Zaginai to learn the lesson of the dramatic moments of the competition in Penza city.

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