The previous week was marked by, frankly to say, an unusual event. First time in the Primorye public sports union history a course is hold for power consolidation, specifically the sports public federation activity uniting.

With this view under the auspices of the regional department of physical training and sport, Primorye Sport Federation chiefs’ meeting was held. 25 federations representatives could come to that meeting. Alexey Kolesnikov made a speech before everybody, he reported on done work of the entrusted institute last year, and he submitted 2012 event plan to the public approval.

The main issue during the meeting was the idea of establishing of Sport Federations Association. Alexander Monastyirev, the president of the Track and Field Athletics Regional Federation, a great sport enthusiast, came up with that idea. The majority of chiefs were for that idea, appealing to opportunity to fight for the interests will be easier if sportsmen are together.

An initiative group was formed by a number of sportsmen, who intend to develop a book of regulations and standards of establishing association. Alexander Monastyirev was elected to be the chief.

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